Why should I use the ValuMotiv Consultation/Car Buying Service?

With our knowledge and experience we will obtain the deal that most consumers cannot obtain. We deal with a network of dealers who are ready to honor below market average deals. If you are going to buy a car from sales professionals you should let buying professionals close the deal for you. The idea behind our service is not only to save you time and money but to match the car buying experience with the same excitement that driving a new car can provide.

Is this service provided for used cars too?

Yes. Just let us know all of the goals you are trying to accomplish and we will accomplish them for you!

Is this legal?

Yes. State Law governs professionals like us and has provided us the license to offer services that can help save a consumer like you time and money.

How will ValuMotiv provide me with the lowest price possible?

Our staff has years of experience selling and buying cars. We know what dealers have to offer and with this service you will take advantage of getting the lowest price possible.

How can the dealer afford to provide a low price?

Dealers that work with ValuMotiv can and want to provide these savings to our customers for several reasons. Here are a few reasons:

Do I have to make a trip to the dealer?

Yes but in some cases we can work out a delivery and help execute all contracts.

Do I have to obtain the dealers financing?

No. We will negotiate the best financing available for you but if you wish to finance with your personal bank you may do so. This is another benefit in working with us. Most dealers will force their financing to make an extra buck but we will make sure you have the option.

Will you deliver my car to me?

If applicable yes. By state law the dealer is allowed to hand over the keys and paper work to us.

How long will it take to get my car?

Depending on the availability of the make and model this service can take a day or several days to arrange for completion.

Do you collect a commission from the dealer?

No. We avoid all conflicts of interest. Our interest is the best possible price for you. Charging the dealer a commission will leave us less room to obtain a low price.

Is there a fee for this service?

Yes. We will charge a fee for the services rendered.

What does this service include?

A no hassle car buying experience with tremendous savings including the priceless savings of time. We will obtain a low price on the vehicle that you select as well as provide financing if requested. If possible we will also deliver your car to you.

How much money will ValuMotiv save me?

Depending on the make and model you can save several thousands of dollars. Each make and model has different manufacturer incentives. We will make sure these are applied to your deal as well as the savings that are available from dealers. Financing is another source of savings. By providing you the lowest possible rates you can save thousands over the life of the loan.

Will I still get the full manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes. This is like an ordinary car purchase but through a professional service.

Where can I get my car serviced?

You can service your car at any authorized dealer in the United States.