ValuMotiv Fleets

We have easily transitioned our consumer platform to provide services for those in the commercial industry. We help preserve small, medium and large fleets through three important aspects of the industry; sales acquisitions, maintaining those acquisitions with service and parts.

Sales Acquisitions

The commercial fleet industry is dominated by work trucks and cars that are sometimes the centerpiece of your business operation. They are crucial pieces that keep things going and we believe the acquisition of these important pieces should be left to us. Your job is to keep the business moving our job is to make sure you have the right vehicle that will get it rolling!

Our expertise in spec’ing the correct work truck and getting you below fair market value purchases will be key to the core of your operation. As you may already know we are professionals in buying cars so if you need cars, suvs or pick ups that are also an essential piece to your fleet, please sign up today.

Maintaining Service

Maintaining a relationship with a dealer and continuously documenting transactions will prove beneficial to a fleet in the long run. Both dealer and manufacturer will succumb to the highest quality of customer service and will stride to go beyond for its loyal base when unfortunate occasions arise.

As everything else, record keeping is important. These machines are put to work every day to make your business money and they need to be taken care of so they are ready for the next day of work. Creating a paper trail will help ease a persistent problem with optimal service and cutting that service time so that expenses are kept below the median.


Everybody loves a discounted item. With our fleet membership your business can get ahead with discounts on parts and services but most importantly work with an entity that has them in stock and ready to go. While your vehicle is in service waiting for a part your business is losing out on money making opportunities. With our partners you will be able to take advantage of an above 90% fill rate that can get your trucks servicing needs completed before you can set up the next money making schedule!

Additional Fleet Benefits:

  • Fleet Auctions and Consignment Sales
  • Dealer and Manufacturer Arbitrator
  • Incentivize Qualified Purchases from State Grants
  • Monthly Newsletter

Membership Program

Sign up today and take advantage of our industry based knowledge and most importantly our relationships. Call us today for a FREE Fleet Assessment and membership plan that is best for your fleet.

Dealer Solutions

If you’re a dealer that is interested in producing more sales and acquiring a loyal customer base please call us for one or all of our tools that can help you develop and maintain a strong platform that keeps the dollars coming in.

ValuMotiv Fleets Partner Program

Be a part of a relationship based platform that will give fleet operators peace of mind and dealerships with a continuous flow of loyal customers.

Commercial Truck Leads

If your dealer can’t get enough opportunities from your outside and inside sales team you can rely on our very own produced commercial truck leads to develop a new customer base that will easily be converted to more sales.

Web Solutions Package

Choose one or our entire internet based solutions package that can help you get ahead of the competition in an industry that has yet to take advantage of what the internet has to provide:

  • Dedicated Websites and Landing Pages
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization - local and nationwide
  • Online Reputation Management w/ Social Media Optimization and more!