About Us

ValuMotiv's leaders developed as professionals in the latest generation of automotive sales. A generation that has grown through countless amounts of information published online. With this information regarding dealer strategies, resources and habits it has almost brought fairness back to the old game of buying a car. They have also worked at successful dealerships and created successful internet departments by working with evolving buying behaviors and consumer demands.

There is still a lot of work left after getting a quote from a dealer online. It is merely one of the first check marks on a long list of car buying processes. This creates stress, leaves consumers hopeless and they end up giving up and give in to dealers demands.

Automotive consumers deserve to be in a fair market.

"Fair market" avenues out there (no pun intended) can lead a consumer to a guaranteed price like Costco, AAA, or the local Credit Union's services but they are not always transparent and forthcoming. Consumers still have to negotiate financing, avoid additional fee scams, pricing or payment tricks, negotiate trade in values and deal with the typical customer service a dealer provides.

ValuMotiv provides a coaching service to educate consumers so they can learn how to save money and time with a no hassle experience. They can also provide a buying service that takes the whole buying experience from a to z including a trade-in network with financing expertise.

Give us a call today, buy your next car the right way, drive off and don't look back through that rear view mirror (pun intended)!